7 Extra Ways to Save Money This Month

There is always one new way to save more money this month. If you are strapped for cash, comb the list below for a tip or two that you have yet to implement to close the gaps in your budget. Saving more money is not impossible if you can be diligent and disciplined enough.

1. Eat more meatless meals.
If you do not buy the processed or convenience vegetarian meals, you can eat really well for very cheap. There is no sacrifice in nutrition either, since there are plenty of plant-based protein alternatives like beans, eggs, and nuts.

2. Seal your home.
Now that it is colder again, you can prevent escalations in your energy bill by sealing cracks on your doors and windows. Taking the time to air seal your home will keep the heat in and your money from leaking out.

3. Print those coupons!
Put your time online into good use by collecting coupons. You can create a separate email account to use exclusively for printable in-store coupons, online coupon codes, daily deals, and other special savings offers. Comb through the promos once a week and print the coupons that will save you money during your next visit to the grocery store.

4. Make your own coffee.
Instead of paying the coffee shop $5 every day, just make your own coffee at home and keep your money. 10 cups of coffee in a month for $5 each is already $50 you saved. Try investing in an espresso machine or buying your coffee beans in bulk to enjoy high quality coffee on a budget.

5. Cancel your cable TV subscription.
If you are subscribed to a streaming service, you can watch pretty much anything you want for a fraction of the price of cable TV. Also, the ad-free shows are heaven.

6. Plan your meals.
Every Sunday, or whichever day of the week is the least busy for you, go ahead and plan your meals in advance. You will streamline your grocery shopping and will not be tempted to order take out.

7. Quit your expensive vices.
Just save the money you usually spend on cigarettes or alcohol. The growing number on your bank account will also give you a high and it is healthier for you!

Ian Schindler