7 Secret Habits of Rich People

Rich people are often just like you. The difference is they are able to manage their money better. Below are seven habits of the rich that you probably did not know.

1. They are cheap.
Guess who clips coupons? It is probably not your neighbor but the rich guy on that fancy apartment in town. Coupons are dollars bills that you should always collect. The rich do, and they are even proud of it.

2. They make money by not spending it.
Saving $2,000 by not flying first class is the same as another person handing you $2,000. If someone offered to pay you the same amount to sit in an uncomfortable chair for a few hours, would you say no?

3. They use cash.
Using cash will force you to stay on budget. The only money you have is what is inside your wallet. When it runs out, you are out!

4. They do not waste anything.
The rich reuse everything possible, even the cheapest products, like paper clips. A penny can stretch really far when you need it to.

5. They are gutsy at work.
Here is a pro tip: when negotiating your new salary, request for a nine-month review instead of the usual 12-month review. It always gets approved and you get a three-month head start on a potential salary raise or bonus.

6. They are persistent.
If you received a problematic product, go out of your way to return it and find someone up along the chain to receive your complaint and fix the problem. Do not give up!

7. They take risks.
Peter Shankman tells this story: he was retrenched from his job at AOL in the 1990s. Titanic was hitting the big screen at the same time. He took his rent money and had 500 T-shirts printed that read, ‘It sank. Get over it.’ He would be homeless if these shirts did not sell but he sold them all in six hours and made $5,000. He then sold his story to a USA Today reporter and sold 10,000 shirts online for the next two months, making $100,000.