7 Small but Expensive Expenses That Often Go Unnoticed

When it comes to failing budgets, it is not the big-ticket items that cause problems. Often, small purchases that go unnoticed bleed your pocket dry. The list below may point out the reasons why your money magically disappears just a few days after pay day.

  1. Food waste

$10 for lunch every day does not seem much, right? But if you eat lunch out every weekday, it adds up to $50 per week and potentially over $200 a month. Meanwhile, if you cook at home, anything that you throw out is wasted money. Learn ways to extend the freshness of your food so you get the most out of what you purchased.

  1. Snacks

Everyone deserves a treat. Maybe it is a box of donuts or Starbucks coffee for you. There is no harm in the occasional indulgence as long as it remains occasional. Put a cap on your treats for the sake of your budget. Limit it to once a week or even once a month.

  1. Forgotten free trials

It is best to avoid promotional offers if you tend to forget to cancel them. Sure, free subscriptions for a limited time sound great but this is hardly the case when you see your bank statement after you cancel the services.

  1. Gas

There are many ways to reduce your gas consumption. Combine errands, ride a bike, take public transportation, or simply walk more. Not only will you reduce your car costs, you will also help the environment.

  1. Sales

Buying things just because they are on sale does not make sense. It is better to save up for things that you need instead of blindly following sales and piling stuff on your credit card.

  1. Self-care

A spa day or indulging at the salon sounds really nice and relaxing but always think about your budget. Of course, you must take care of yourself but be reasonable. There are many ways to practice self-care and they do not all have to come with an expensive price tag.

  1. Cellphone bill

Does your cellphone bill fluctuate each month? Dial customer service and ask your provider for more cost effective options that may be available to you.