7 Things to Get From Restaurant Supply Stores

Restaurant supply stores are not exclusive to chefs or restaurant owners. In fact, you can score serious savings if you brave these doors to get quality products for your kitchen. Below are great items that you should always get from restaurant and food-service supply stores.

  1. Parchment paper

There are good deals at Costco for parchment paper but you will have to buy it in rolls. If you pick these up from restaurant supply stores, the paper comes in large flat sheets in several sizes – more convenient!

  1. Mixing bowls

Stackable, sturdy, and easy to clean mixing bowls abound in restaurant supply stores. They are cheaper and are available in many sizes, too. Check out bowls with a nice non-skid silicone at the bottom. They will make your life easier!

  1. Compostable takeout containers

This one is important for your conscience. If you die a little every time you use plastic in your kitchen, getting compostable takeout containers will be your redemption.

  1. Barware

It is always fun to have a cocktail night with friends but setting up a home bar can be downright expensive. Cut some costs by picking up your supplies from the nearestrestaurant supply store. They are sure to have everything you need from shotglasses to cocktail shakers. They will not be as fancy as the expensive ones but they are durable and functional.

  1. Cake decorating supplies

Of course, gourmet shops and craft stores take the cake when it comes to elegant displays for cake and candy decorating supplies. Expect the price to be ridiculous though. You can get the same nice alternatives from your restaurant supply store.

  1. Baking sheets

Is it time to retire your old baking sheets? Get new ones from the restaurant supply store. You will find industrial-grade baking pans of all shapes, sizes, and formers regardless of how big or small your oven is.

  1. Cutting boards.

You will be surprised how many cutting boards you can afford at a restaurant supply store. The prices are really good. You can use a different one for every time you cook in all assortments of colos and sizes, too. It is so much fun!