7 Tips to Save More Money at Home

Simple adjustments can do wonders for your home budget. Practice these seven tricks to cut your costs and stretch your dollar to the fullest.

1. Get to know food prices and where to buy cheap.
There are probably several stores near you. Compare the prices for common items that you buy and take notes. For example, one store will be the priciest, but most likely have better selection of products. Another will have good offers on fresh food, and one will be cheapest overall but may lack some items. If you pay attention, you will quickly see the trends and plan the best way to shop.

2. Invest in a keyboard for your phone.
Do you do everything on your phone? Invest in a bluetooth keyboard so you can take notes and be more productive. You do not need to buy a new laptop – the keyboard is enough!

3. Check your bills.
Do not just pay what is written on your bills. Check the information and the amount. It is not rare for companies to make mistakes and they thrive on customers who do not pay attention and just shell the money.

4. Lower your energy bills with insulation.
Good insulation does not have to be expensive. Bubble wrap, for starters, will keep you toasty and warm all winter. Just look up the bubble wrap trick online. Another effective hack are space blankets. They are cheap and easily fits your windows. When winter is over or you want to let the sun in, just peel the blankets and fold for later use.

5. Renew your old wool clothing.
It gets really annoying when your wool clothes have a tremendous amount of pilling. But do not throw them away! Just run a cheap disposable razor over them and your clothes are easily renewed.

6. Clean your house regularly.
If you are never messy, you will not need to deep clean and buy all these cleaning products all the time. A simple wipe down with a wet towel will do. You save money and your house is clean.

7. Make your own detergent.
How much do you spend on laundry detergent every month? Cut this cost by making your own. There are tons of recipes online that allows you to do 900 loads for about $20.

Ian Schindler