7 Ways to Get a Good Deal on a Model Home

A model home is a good buy. It is like buying a car that has been used solely for test drives. You can expect always expect a discount, too. Below are the best ways to get good deals on model homes today.

1. See all model homes for sale.
Model homes are built to perfection. Think designer paint, window coverings, and all that glitters. There will always be several for sale so ask to see everything that is available then pick the model with the best upgrades, layout, and location that suits your taste.

2. Bring your own buyer’s agent.
Have your agent with you the first time you visit the sales office. Some builders will not allow your agent to represent you otherwise. You will not get much out of sales agents. They are only likely to pressure you into signing the contract without ifs and buts.

3. Learn more about the model home.
Has anyone lived there? How long was it occupied? Are there any overused items? You can use this information to bring the price down since the home might not be considered new anymore.

4. Seek legal advice before signing a contract.
Talk to a real estate lawyer and discuss your contract before signing. Most contracts only protect the builder.

5. Consider having your own lender.
Of course, builders will prefer their own lenders – easy way for them to be fully informed of your personal progress and higher interest rate. Ask your agent for lender referrals and see what is available for you.

6. Hire a home inspector.
Get a professional to check the model home. Be present for the inspection and ask questions. Even a model home can have defects and construction workers sometimes make mistakes. It is best to find out now than post-contract signing.

7. Negotiate the price.
The price of a model home is rarely firm. Always negotiate and ask your agent for advice. Also, ask the builders to leave you the furnishings. Often, it is standard practice to include the furnishings in the model home after purchase. It is a nice perk!