7 Ways to Get More Out of Your Coffee

7 Ways to Get More Out of Your Coffee

Finding multiple uses for pantry staples is the secret to saving more money inside the kitchen. Even the tiniest things you do every day will eventually add up and make a difference. Today, discover more uses out of the humble coffee, from grounds to filters, and immediately get more for less with zero effort.

1. Use the can as a grill.

It is the summer after all! You can turn your coffee can into a grill by cutting some holes into the metal bottom and a large triangle into the top. Flip the can and slip your kindling into the triangle cut. Once the metal bottom is heated up, add your skewers of choice and enjoy easy and good barbecue!

2. Or, as a baking tin.

If you still have banana cake hangover but are caught without bakeware, you can rely on a coffee can to get the job done. Just spray the interior with nonstick cooking spray and dust with flour to remove your bread painlessly.

3. Clean your fireplace with coffee grounds.

Sprinkle the coffee grounds across the surface of your fireplace for a deep clean. The grounds will keep the ash and dust in place while you do your scrubbing and cleaning.

4. Remove bad odors from your fridge.

Has the smell of last week’s dinner lingered inside your fridge? Just place fresh coffee grounds in your fridge to get rid of the odor. Remember to regularly clean your fridge, too.

5. Add extra shine to your hair.

Do you have extra strong coffee in excess? Do not throw it away! You can apply it on your dry and clean hair to make it shinier and glossier. Just leave the coffee on for 20 minutes and rinse. Repeat for a week for the best results. This will be the cheapest and most effective hair treatment you will ever have.

6. Freshen up your face.

Did you run out of facial scrub? Coffee grounds are an excellent substitute. Just rub the moistened coffee grounds gently on your skin to get rid of dead skin and freshen up your face.

7. Use coffee filters to clean teacups.

Do you love tea but hate the stained teacups? You can easily bring ceramic teacups back to life by using coffee filter and a few spent grounds to scrub the stains off. No need to buy new ones!