7 Ways to Live More Frugally This Year

The road to a frugal lifestyle starts by creating awareness over your spending habits and finding new ways to save more money. Below are simple frugal tips that have worked for the money savvy for years.

1. Turn frugal living into a lifestyle.
If you want to save more money, you must embrace the whole concept and integrate it into your life. Starting small helps a lot. Start by walking more instead of driving, avoiding impulse buys, and reusing plastics around your house.

2. Cook more at home.
There are tons of affordable recipes online. Give them a try and cook delicious meals at home on a budget.

3. Share your money-saving goals.
Talk to your family and friends and let them know you are trying to save more and spend less. Be honest about your budget so they can also keep you from overspending.

4. DIY beer
The fun does not have to stop just because you are trying to live frugally. You can brew your own beer at home with very little initial investment. Meads and ciders require even less equipment to DIY.

5. Plan early with big purchases.
Give yourself all the time in the world to think about big purchases, like a new car or a big piece of furniture. Think about the make and model that you want, research all your options, and talk to your family and friends about it. Your patience will be rewarded by a piece that you love at the best value.

6. Go further than the supermarket.
In brief, supermarkets make their money on prepackaged stuff and sell you convenience foods. If you want fresh food on a budget, explore more international grocery stores and farmer’s market. They will have a wider selection at a much better price.

7. Exercise at home.
Hitting the gym is a good way to workout, but if you want to be more frugal, you can totally have a good exercise at home with no equipment needed. It is also free to walk or run outside. The health results are the same, only cheaper for your wallet.

Ian Schindler