8 Household Hacks to Save Your Time and Money

8 Household Hacks to Save Your Time and Money

Cut your shopping list and make your life more efficient at home with these hacks that will save both your time and money. Each tip is clever and only takes a few simple adjustments. You will find that your daily chores get done with less effort and in a more affordable way!

1. Wrinkle-proof your laundry with ice.

Throw a few ice cubes or a wet washcloth in the dryer with your wrinkled clothes. The melted ice will turn into steam and remove the wrinkles. This trick works best with lighter fabrics, not so much with heavier clothing.

2. Use coffee grounds to stain your next woodworking project.

Save your money and cross out the stain from your shopping list. You only need steel wool, used coffee grounds, and vinegar. Inside a mason jar, place the steel wool pad with 1/4 cup used coffee grounds and two cups vinegar. Put the lid on and shake. Let the mix stew overnight. Remove the steel wool and use the liquid to stain your project.

3. Grow seeds in toilet paper tubes.

Talk about a sustainable lifestyle! Save your toilet paper tubes and cut them into 2-inch lengths. Place them in a waterproof tray and fill the tubes with potting soil. Sow your seeds. When they are ready to move, plant them with the cardboard tube. It will decompose! Make sure the tube is completely covered with soil so it does not steal moisture from the roots.

4. Water your plants with an empty milk jug.

Watering cans are often overpriced. If you need one, just use old milk jugs. Drill a few holes in the caps, fill up with water, and feed your gorgeous plants!

5. Make an improvised caulk gun.

Are you in the habit of forgetting caulk guns? It is time for a little improvised project. With a zip-tie, tie the tube of caulk to the bar of a trigger-style clamp and stick a wood scrap in the tube’s end to act as a plunger. Squeeze the trigger and you have the caulk that you need.

6. DIY-recipe holder with a clothes hanger.

The countertop is not the best place for a recipe card or cookbook. Often, they get splattered with ingredients or get in the way of cooking. To fix that, clip your recipe onto a clothes hanger with pants clips. Hang it from a cabinet handle and your problem is solved.

7. Clean your floors with dryer sheets.

Get more out of your used dryer sheets. Wrap a couple onto the flat head of a sweeper and use it to pick up dust and hair from your floor. It is as good as any name-brand sweeper refill, only cheaper!

8. Create a soda bottle greenhouses.

Are you keen to try gardening? Give your plants the best start by placing each inside a micro greenhouse. Simply cut the bottom off 2-liter soda bottles and remove the labels. Place on top of your plant for protection. Remove the greenhouse once the seeds have germinated and your cuttings have rooted.

Ian Schindler