8 Overpriced Grocery Items That You can Easily DIY

It is really painful to see people pay premium prices for these everyday items that you can easily DIY at home. Take notes and never pick up these items from your grocery store again.

1.Preformed meat patties

Frozen burgers are more expensive than buying meat in bulk so why not buy some grilled meat and make the patties yourself? It is just a matter of seasoning them and forming a circle before throwing them on the grill.

  1. Premium ice cream

There is always one brand of ice cream on sale. Save your money and pick up the cheap tub and dress it up with your own additives like nuts, chocolate chips, or crushed cookies.

  1. Lunch packs

Seriously, you pay more for the molded tray than actual food when you buy these all-inclusive food trays. The actual edible ingredients are worth just pennies and are filled with salt.

  1. Food in individual servings

Always check the price per unit. In single serve bags, you often get smaller quantities for a higher price. Just buy a big box and parcel out individual servings yourself.

  1. Trail mix

Make your own trail mix and you will have so much more snacks for less. It takes no more effort than mixing dry roasted peanuts, almonds, raisins or other dried fruit, and candy-coated chocolate. Pack the mixture in plastic or a glass container and you have snacks for weeks!

  1. Prepared salad

Salad kits are convenient. When you realize they cost three times a head of one lettuce, maybe not so. Just buy your own greens for less. You can get more variety in taste and color this way, too.

  1. Powdered iced tea mixes

If you want iced tea, buy and brew inexpensive tea bags and keep the mix inside your fridge. Powdered and gourmet ices teas are nothing more than rip-offs.

  1. Spice mixes

Spice mixes may seem like a good idea but read the label. Often you are just buying salt with a vague mix of herbs and spices. Again, just mix your own!