8 Things to Get From Yard Sales

Smart shoppers always check out yard sales. They hold plenty of hidden treasures that will save you money. The environment benefits as well – it is the ultimate form of recyling. Make sure you pick up the items below in case you spot them at a yard sale somewhere.

1. Legos

Children and adults both love legos. Each brick is a promise of endless fun. You may not pick up a complete NASA space shuttle from your neighbors lawn but a big box of mixed legos is sure welcome at any home.

2. Recipe boxes

Plenty of cookbooks and recipes are online, but there is something delectable about picking up a family’s most treasured collections. Grandma’s apple pie, Dad’s secret deviled eggs, or Charlie’s coconut macaroons – these carefully curated, handwritten treats are priceless.

3. Baskets

Yard sales and thrift stores are brimming with baskets. Never pay full price for them! Get a few for your plants or turn them into gift bags to add some class to affordable presents.

4. Exercise equipment

Too many people buy expensive exercise equipment only to turn them into coat hangers. If you want to get in shape for less, scout yard sales for these machines and lose weight on a budget.

5. Picture frames

You can print your own digital photos or illustrations to save money. Take it a step further by picking up second-hand frames and create a nice gallery on your living room.

6. Le Creuset and Pyrex

Are these branded kitchenware worth their price tag? Yes. Do you have to pay full price? No. Check out yard sales for Le Creuset and Pyrex pieces – they are always good buys.

7. Sports gear

It is perfectly fine to buy second-hand, beginner sports gear for your children starting out a sport. They are often lightly used and you can get new, high quality ones once your kids show commitment to their sport.

8. Musical instruments

Similar to sports gear, you should also pick up beginner musical instruments at yard sales. Most people only use their instruments once or twice before shoving it under the bed. Best buy!