8 Ways to Fight Soaring Food Prices

The pandemic has put a strain on the finances of many families. Unemployment is only one side of it, the rising world food prices also introduce significant challenges. Below are some tips to keep your head above the water and make your budget work despite the high cost of food.

1. Cook more at home.
Now that everyone is staying at home more, make this an inspiration to cook more and eat in together. Many of the meals that you pay for in a formal restaurant can be made at home for a fraction of the price.

2. Prepare a shopping list.
There will always be nice things on the grocery store and you will spend more if you keep looking on the shelves! Plan your meals in advance and take note of what ingredients you need. Write the list and focus on purchasing just these items when you visit the store.

3. Eat before shopping.
The temptation to grab unnecessary and expensive purchases is strong when you are hungry. Everything is appealing on an empty stomach! Eat first and shop with a full stomach to keep your costs down.

4. Skip convenience food.
Ready-made meals and other conveniences come with a premium price tag. Take the time to prepare food at home, whether savory or sweet, and you will make a huge difference for your budget.

5. Buy a water filter.
Bottled water is expensive. If you do not like the taste of your tap water, buying a filter is an easy and cost-effective fix.

6. Buy in bulk.
What are the items that your family uses regularly? Get them in bulk and pick up family-size packages if the cost per unit is low and you have the storage space at home.

7. Try coupons.
Grab a few online coupons and cash them in. When you see the difference it makes on your total bill, you will be encouraged to get more for next time!

8. Go local.
Not only will this support your local farmers and manufacturer’s, there is also a big chance that what you are getting is cheaper and fresher. Make it a habit to visit farmer’s markets, fairs, and the loca laisle at your grocery store for better deals and nicer food.