8 Ways to Run a Zero-Waste Kitchen

With a little thought and attention, you can lessen the waste you produce on your kitchen and save a lot of money. Below are simple and effective ways to run a zero-waste kitchen and maximize your ingredients and dollars at the same time.

1. Give your bath a fresh smell with orange peels.
Place your orange peels in a bowl and place it inside your bathroom. It will add a fresh citrust scent to your bath and get rid of musty smells.

2. Bake bruised fruit.
Overripe bananas make the best, sweetest banana bread. Never throw them out, any overrope fruit actually, because they will bake a treat and save you money.

3. Crisp up stale snacks.
Did you leave your potato chips out? You can crisped them up again in the microwave. Transfer them into a microwave-safe plate and nuke on full power for 10 seconds.

4. Get creative with yesterday’s loaf.
Old and dry bread make excellent croutons that you can use to top your salads and soups. If you mix them with herbs and grind them with a food processor, you have fantastic bread crumbs on your hands.

5. Give your old celery a starch bath.
If your celery has lost its crispness, add the limp stalks in a bowl of cold water with a few slices of raw potato. Leave for an hour to regain the crunch!

6. Max your lemons
Do not slice an entire lemon if your recipe only calls for a few drops. Use a toothpick to puncture the rind and gently squeeze out the small amount you need. Cover the whole with tape after and store in the fridge for later use.

7. Keep your lettuce fresh.
Your lettuce will stay fresher longer if you transfer it from a plastic bag into a roomier paper bag so it can breathe before storing it in the refrigerator.

8. Compost
Scraps and odds and ends can be put to good use as fertilizer. Your garden will be happier and every little thing from your kitchen was utilized, without any waste.