9 Clever Ways to Spend Less on Groceries

Money must be spent on food every week. With clever planning, you can lower this cost and bring home the food you love at the same time. Following are some tips that show you how!

  1. Shop less often.

Instead of shopping once a week, go once every two weeks. This will force you to maximize the food you have and use the ones stored deep in your pantry or freezer.

  1. Buy kosher salt.

Did you know that kosher salt tastes better than regular table salt? It is also more frugal. A single pinch goes a long way since kosher salt has bigger flakes or crystal.

  1. Do not fall for limits.

Groceries like to play with the minds of customers to boost sales. Often, they will add a ‘limit five per customer’ sign to products to encourage people to buy more if they suspect there is some kind of shortage.

  1. Learn the sales pattern of your store.

There are always patters. Observe them and you will save more on anything on the shelves. For example, some stores put ice cream on a ‘buy one, get one free’ sale on the third week of every month while it is only a dollar off on the first week.

  1. Buy extra newspapers.

If your Sunday newspaper offers a high-value coupon for an item you buy often, consider getting another copy or ask your neighbors if you can have the coupon inserts if they are not using it.

  1. Print online coupons.

Before you visit the grocery, search for printable coupons online to get more discounts. Just be careful where you go and protect your personal info.

  1. Layer your coupons.

The best way to maximize your savings is to use a manufacturer’s coupon with items already on sale at the grocery store.

  1. Be nice to butchers.

Tougher cuts of meat are less expensive. Moreover, if you are nice to your butcher, he can also run these through the tenderizer if you ask!

  1. Watch the register.

Instead of being on your phone, keep a watchful eye on the cashier’s display as your products are scanned. You do not want errors or discounts to not apply!

Ian Schindler