9 Free Things to Get From Amazon

Amazon is popular for its daily deals but did you know you can get many things for free from the retail giant? You do not even have to be a member of Amazon Prime. Shopping at Amazon is enough to get the following things free!

  1. Music

The Amazon website does not make it easy to find free music but it is there. Type Amazon dgitial music free or a similar phrase on your search engine and you will discover free albums and songs on Amazon.

  1. E-books

You can literally fill your Kindle with free e-books from Amazon. You can find the selection on Amazon’s free books and low priced reading options page.

  1. Mobile apps

Go to the Apps & Games section and check out the selection of free mobile apps. Select Free under the price menu to filter the apps.

  1. Shipping

Amazon Prime members enjoy free shipping. If you are a regular shopper, you can enjoy this perk by ordering $25 or more on eligible items.

  1. Photo storage

One of the nicest perks of Amazon Prime membership is unlimited photo storage and 5GB of video storage at no extra cost. Regular shoppers can also sample this benefit and receive free storage on Amazon Photos up to 5 GB worth. If you have friends or family with an Amazon Prime membership, ask if you can share the the unlimited storage through The Family Vault.

  1. Baby items

Create a baby registry on Amazon and you will receive free baby gifts for parents and baby alike valued up to $35.

  1. Audiobooks

Amazon has Audible – its audio book and audio entertainment platform. It is a paid membership, but a free 30-day trial can get you free titles to listen to on your downtime.

  1. Wedding gifts

Similar to a baby registry, creating a wedding registry on Amazon comes with plenty of perks, including receiving free gifts from Amazon.

  1. Anything you can buy with points

If you have an Amazon Rewards Visa credit card or Amazon.com Store Card, you can use accumulated points to buy anything for free!

Ian Schindler