9 Things That You Should Never Buy

America’s economy is propped up by consumerism: buy, buy, buy is the order of the day. While you cannot do anything about your past mistakes, you can certainly make better ones for the future. Below are 10 purchases that you should avoid to give yourself and your budget a break.

  1. Sandwich bags and lunch bags

Your daily habit of tossing sandwich bags and lunch bags is costing your wallet and the environment. Switch to reusable lunch bags or a cool lunchbox to keep your food fresh without adding to the landfills.

  1. Cleaning rags

Cut your worn T-shirts and towels and use them to clean your house. Buying shop rags and floor rags is a waste of your money.

  1. Premium gas

Your car will run on regular gas without issues. Before you shed the extra cash, read your owner’s manual and note whether it is recommended that you use premium gas or it is truly required. There is a difference.

  1. Greeting cards

There is a card for every occasion but they do not come cheap. Try e-cards. They are free and widely available online.

  1. Expensive wedding dress

Why would you spend thousands of dollars on a dress that you would only wear once? You could do so much more with your money than make the manufacturers richer.

  1. Baby shoes

Your baby will not walk for a few months. Save the cash and resist the urge to buy baby shoes no matter how cute they look. It is just not worth it.

  1. Cable TV

With all the streaming services out there, who really needs cable TV? It is expensive and all household budgets could use more savings.

  1. DVDs

Similar to cable TV, there is no more need to buy DVDs. New releases are available on streaming services.

  1. Credit monitoring

The only thing that credit monitoring can track are transactions that have already occured. What you want is to prevent unauthorized ones from happening and it cannot do that. In essence, paying for credit monitoring is a waste of your money so do not go there and keep your cash.