9 Things to Cut From Your Budget That You Will Not Even Miss

The best way to save money is through cutting corners without feeling the pinch. The changes will be small but smart, and eventually, you will be able to grow your nest egg nicely. Here are some items you can easily cut out to lessen your spending and keep more cash.

1. Bottled water
Why pay for something that you can easily get at home for free? Invest in a good quality leakproof water bottle and have water on hand at no charge.

2. Gift wrap
How much did you spend on gift wrapper, bows, and tags? Instead of spending this cash, look for creative, no-cost alternatives to wrap your presents, including magazine pages, old maps, and coloring book pages. People will enjoy thoughtful presents, no matter how you wrap it!

3. Magazine subscriptions
There are many ways to read the latest issues for free. Check out your public library to start. They are probably subscribed to dozens of magazines, from mainstream to obscure ones.

4. Cable TV
Streaming services have taken the place of cable TV. Now you can cut your $100-plus monthly cable bill.

5. Late fees
Pull all your recurring bills together and set up auto pay. There will be no more forgotten bills and zero late fees to eat at your budget.

6. Checked bags
Compare airlines and ditch those that have the worst fees. Stick with carry-on bags, if possible. If you travel often using the same airline, you can also save money on checked bags with a branded credit card with that airline.

7. Food delivery
It makes sense to treat yourself to your favorite restaurant meals every now and again. But if you rely on it every other day, you are spending too much on delivery fees and driver tips. Cook at home more often and save more cash.

8. Landline phones
Is it really a necessity when you are glued to your smartphone 24/7?

9. Brand name products
Why are you paying for a company’s advertisements? Generic brands offer the same quality and are way cheaper! Ignore brand names where you can and you will always save big.

Ian Schindler