Always Buy These 7 Things at Yard Sales

Stop at yard sales and make it a habit. There are fabulous finds that are unique to such setups and they will definitely spell a good time for your pocket. Following are seven things you should always buy at yard sales near you.

  1. Fancy dress-up clothes

Whether it is Halloween or a costume for a themed birthday party, you can count on yard sales to have an assortment of wedding gowns, prom dresses, tuxedos, and other colorful ensembles. Just wash the dresses well and add your own creative touch to bring the look together.

  1. Musical instruments for children

Start your kids on secondhand musical instruments. Often, these are barely used and your children will not know the difference. If they show dedication to their music lessons, only then should you consider getting them more expensive instruments.

  1. Pulp fiction

Who does not love a good pulp paperback book? The covers are interesting and very colorful. Score yard sales for titles that make a juicy purchase. You can frame the cover, read it, resell, or gift to friends.

  1. Certain baby items

Each family has a box of baby clothes, strollers, and bassinets waiting to be passed on. These items are okay to pick up secondhand. Of course, you want to invest in safety when it comes to other items like car seats or cribs.

  1. Gym equipment

There is no shortage of people who purchased expensive gym equipment only to use them for a month then quit. No need to judge them on their fitness journey – in fact, you can benefit from theirs by picking up the gym equipment and doing a better job with your workouts.

  1. Baskets

Do you love creating gift baskets for your friends and family? You will find cheap baskets from yard sales and thrift stores. There is always a handful in every sale!

  1. Picture frames

Your next gallery-wall will come together for less if you pick up picture frames from yard sales. Do not bother buying from the stores because the prices will shock you!