Essentials to Pack to Save Money When you Fly

Your bag has limited real estate when you fly. Contemplating ridiculous overweight charges should be enough to inspire you to do better. Below are things that you must pack to save money and some to always leave behind.

Pack This

1. Useful photos
Take a photo of your bag so you can refer to it in case it goes missing. Remember to capture clear images of your passport, tickets, prescriptions, and driver’s license, too.

2. Electronic device accessories
Gather the usual must-haves in a small bag: charger cords, a portable charger, earbuds, and headphones. If you are traveling abroad, it is super important to pack an adaptor plug. You will thank yourself later and feel like a travel pro.

3. First-aid kit
It does not have to match an ER cart but it is always helpful to have a few pain killers, adhesive bandages, and other pills for common ailments like allergies or stomach flu. Do you really want to explain that your belly is getting ripped to a person who does not speak English?

4. Snacks
Treats are always welcome. Stash a few in your bag pockets to avoid the overpriced ones on the plane or airport.

Leave This

1. Shoes you will never wear
One pair of comfortable and nice-looking walking shoes is all you need to explore the streets and alleys of a foreign country. You may need to add one more if you are attending a formal event, but otherwise, you will survive with one.

2. Big items you would hate to lose
Misplacing or losing things is a big part of traveling. As such, save yourself the trouble and never bring items that are so valuable you would kill yourself if you lose it.

3. Firearms
Check what is inside your bag before packing your travel stuff. It is never fun to explain to TSA why you have weapons, firearms, fireworks, and replicas inside your bag.

4. Redundancies
There is no need to pack books, movies, addresses, maps, lists of restaurants to try and other sights to visit because you already have access to all of them from your phone

Ian Schindler