Follow These 10 Simple Rules to Save on Everything

Are you hoping to save more money this year? No need to follow 229 rules to frugal living. The simple concepts below condense everything for you so you can maximize your savings fast and easy.

1. Buy used.
Anything brand new comes at a high price. Check out consignment stores, thrift shops, yard sales, or online deals and trading website to find whatever it is that you want for less.

2. Get the last generation.
The latest and the greatest will never be affordable. Check out the previous version instead, which is likely to be cheaper by up to 50%.

3. Ask for a lower price.
A whole new world of deals opens up when you consider price tags as opening bids. Start negotiating more for cars, houses, repairs, loan rates and so on. You get what you ask for.

4. Stop buying name brands.
Paying more is okay if the higher cost means better quality. However, often, the higher price just covers the company’s annoying commercials. Medicines are the best example. Buy generic – they are identical to the name brands!

5. Share with neighbors and friends.
Items that you do not use on a regular basis can be shared neighbors or friends to lower the costs. These include ladders, lawn mowers, and other tools. For other things that you rarely use, just rent them instead of buying.

6. DIY.
Cook more at home instead of buying pre-packaged meals. Go on a picnic instead of a restaurant dinner date. Have your friends over instead of meeting at a bar. You have so many low-cost options when you do not go straight for the convenient solutions.

7. Go homemade.
From cakes and costumes to cleaners and repairs, you can save a lot when you use your hands instead of cash!

8. Use the internet.
Compare prices before buying anything. Look for coupons, deals, and discounts first.

9. Unsubscribe to deals websites.
Deals websites are useful in finding sales, but they can also be a prime source of impulse buys. Tell the internet what you need instead of allowing it to dictate what you want.

10. Sell before you buy.
Before buying new clothes, sell a few that you no longer use. Do the same for other items around your house. This practice will save you a lot of money or at least offset the cost of the new purchase.

Ian Schindler