Get These 7 Things Free From Your Library

You might not think a library card is cool, but this becomes clear once you realize the many items and services that you can enjoy for free out of your public library. These days, libraries are cultural centers with access to plenty of media, not just a dusty place for books. Following are some examples of cool stuff you can check out and get for free with a library card.

  1. E-books

Libraries offer free access to books, digital magazines, and audiobooks. Ask your library if they have access to apps that let you download various publications for a set period of time for free.

  1. Videos

For decades, CDs and DVDs are available for check out from your local libary. In addition, you can now get free access to streaming services, the depth of which depends on the partners of your library.

  1. Online courses

You can learn pretty much anything on your own these days. If you are lucky, you can do so for free with the help of your library. For example, LinkedIn Learning offers its catalog of online courses free to patrons of participating libraries.

  1. 3-D printing

Some libraries are moving towards laboratories. Ohio’s Madison Public Library, for instance, offers 3-D printing and even laser engraving. Many libraries have 3-D printers and you can use this technology if you just give your library a call.

  1. Co-working space

If you are simply fed up with your home environment, a library is an awesome space for work. Free Wi-Fi and a quiet area sure help a lot, especially if access is free.

  1. Self-improvement classes

You might be surprised at the number of self-improvement classes offered by your local library, from foreign languages and new technology to budgeting and quantum computing. Similar formal training costs a lot. But it is free from your library.

  1. Museum passes

Yes, you can score free passes to museums in your state from your local library. For example, the Milton Public Library offers free passes to museums in Boston. It is also possible to get free access to other local attractions in your area. Just ask your librarian what is on offer.