How to be an Expert Thrift Store Shopper

How to be an Expert Thrift Store Shopper

Thrifting videos are sure popular on YouTube and for good reason. There is a gold mine of stuff that you can use or flip hiding in these places. Of course, you cannot just walk in and hope for the best. Apply the tips below to maximize your thrift shopping and get the best finds for less. 

1. Have a solid shopping strategy.

Scan the place quickly. Walk around and see if anything jumps at you. Add interesting items to your cart, even those that you are unsure about, and make a final decision later. Then, do a secondary, more detailed search. Look for hidden gems, specific items, or particulars that you need.

2. Look at the fitting rooms.

The fitting room has many golden items hanging inside them. Before they were left there, people have chosen them. Someone has already validated the item and all you need to do is check it.

3. Ask if you can see the stocks. 

If possible, ask the staff if you can see the items that are waiting to be stocked. Bins, carts, and rolling racks that are fresh from the backroom hold a store’s most recent donations and the first to glimpse these piles will get all the good stuff. 

4. Pick things with character.

There is a Japanese philosophy called wabi-sabi or appreciating the beauty in imperfection. Thrift shops have plenty of these one-of-a-kind finds that are bursting with character. They can be a bit odd, a little flawed, or homemade, but this is exactly what makes them special.

5. Skip the display cases.

Often, these cases have electronics, jewelry, and glassware that are uninteresting and also expensive. It is better to find your own treasure. 

6. Anything pink is hard to sell.

If you are thrift shopping to flip items and sell, note that anything pink is a tough sale. The color has a limited market and it is hard to match. Many shades are also outdated. Choose blues, bright greens, and classic neutrals like white and gray if you are looking for a quick sale. Happy shopping!

Ian Schindler