How to Get Rid of Common Pantry Pests

Have stocked up your pantry? Well done, but do not rest just yet. Follow the tips below to ensure your food supply is protected from common pantry pests and you suffer no waste.

1. Indian meal moths
If you bought a lot of rice and grains, there is a big chance that Indian meal moths are never far behind. Store your grains, cereal, and dried fruits and nuts in airtight containers so there are no gaps for the moths to squeeze through and pillage your food.

2. Flour beetles
Keep those banana breads coming by protecting your flour from the tiny, reddish-brown flour bettles. They love munching on flour, cereal, and dry pet food. Keep them away by storing your flour in tighly sealed glass, metal, or sturdy plastic container, never on the original paper packaging.

3. Ants
It is not enough to guard your food from ants, you must do it for your entire home. According to professional exterminators, infestations happen fast and are difficult to control. Keep your home sealed properly and when you spot an ant, try non-toxic deterrents like talcum powder, bay leaves, and salt and pepper at suspected entry points.

4. Fruit flies
Sometimes, fruit flies hitch a ride on your grocery bag or have laid eggs on not-so-fresh produce you have bought from the grocery store. They enjoy feeding on ripe or fermenting or rotting fruits and vegetables. Get rid of them fast because they reproduce quickly! Pantry staples like vinegar, salt, pepper, and wine can deter them.

5. Grain weevils
Grain weevils sure know when you have replenished your stash of beans and seeds. They chew right through the paper and plastic packaging, looting your food. So remember to store your shopping inside airtight glass, plastic, or mental containers. Small bags of black pepper have been known to repel grain weevils, too.

6. Merchant grain beetles
Interestingly, these little pests do not munch on gran products but on cake mixes, cookies, chocolate, and macaroni. Fight for your snacks by adding one bay leaf to canisters and packages of dry goods. The strong scent of the bay leaf repels the pests nicely.

Ian Schindler