How to Keep Utility Bills Low This Winter

How to Keep Utility Bills Low This Winter

There is nothing like the dark and cold winter to send your heating costs through the roof. Taking on home improvement projects to make your home more energy-efficient is sure helpful, but sometimes these eat too much money, too.

So what can you do to fight the cold? Look at the options below to save money on energy bills while keeping your house warm. These are your best options in cutting your heating costs without breaking the bank.

1. Wear warmer clothes even inside the house.

Winter is cold so act like it. It does not cost you anything extra to put on a sweater or jacket, wear socks, and fuzzy slippers around the house. By doing so, you can keep the indoor temperature a few degrees cooler and save more money. Remember to add rugs on your floors, too. You can also lose heat here, as well as windows and doors.

2. Add window and door covers.

Plastic up the windows and doors that are going to go unused. You can buy window and door kits at big-box stores for as little as $7 per window and $12 per door. Online suppliers offer them, too. Adding these to your home will eliminate drafts and keep the heat in. If you cannot afford the kits or plastic sheeting, try hanging blankets to help insulate.

3. Turn the heat down at strategic times.

This does not mean turning the heating down 40 degrees or lower. But if you lower your heating at night or when nobody is home, it can sure make a big difference. You can program your thermostat manually, or have your smart thermostat do it for you in the hours when you are normally away from the home and automatically adjust it back up before you return.

4. Utilize the oven!

A lot of baking happens around the holidays so make use of this great heating source. After roasting chicken or baking cookies, leave the oven door open. There is a lot of heat here and letting it escape puts the heat to good use by warming up the kitchen and surrounding rooms.

5. Insulate your attic.

The more you can trap the heat inside your house, the better it will be for your energy bills. An easy solution is covering up the attic entry with plastic, pieces of insulation, old blankets, weatherstripping, saran wrap, painter drop cloth, or even a few old shirts. This simple tip can help slow the drafts and warm air from dissipating through the roof. Pay attention to your drafts because warm air during the winter is expensive! Doing these small tweaks can sure save you a lot of money and lower your utility bills.

Ian Schindler