How to Reach Your Savings Goals

How to Reach Your Savings Goals

Do not just say you want to save more money – act on it! By taking specific steps, you ensure that your dream of having a fatter bank account will turn into reality. Follow the five tips below to make sure you reach your savings goals.

1. Determine what you are saving for.

Setting specific savings goals will help you to begin saving money. Are you saving for a dream vacation? Do you want to buy your first home? Are you building an emergency fund? Do you want to start saving for retirement? Pick a goal and determine how much money you need to reach your goal.

2. Set a timeline.

You have to motivate yourself and also hold yourself accountable in meeting your savings goals. To do this, you must set a specific timeline. For example, you will have the down payment for your first home ready next year, you will have $50,000 in your retirement savings account when you are 30 years old, or you will have enough money to go on a vacation in Bali after six months.

3. Have monthly goals.

Look at your budget every month and match it with your savings goals. How much do you need to save monthly to meet your timeline? It can be straightforward for most of your goals but keep your retirement savings flexible and consider your contributions and rate of return.

4. Budget.

You know your goals. You know how much money you need. Find ways to get it! Cut costs, earn extra income, or sell some stuff. You should set up the savings so that it happens automatically, too. Be disciplined and you are sure to reach your goals.

5. Save in the right account.

If you are saving for an upcoming vacation, you can place the money in a traditional savings account. If you are planning to keep the money for over five years, mutual funds may be a better choice. Certificates of deposits can also offer you good rates of return if you are saving for the long-term. Examine your goals and find the right account to grow – not just store- your money. This will enable you to reach your savings goals faster.

Ian Schindler