How to Repurpose Your Old Android Phone

How to Repurpose Your Old Android Phone

Getting a new phone is fun but there is always the problem of what to do with your old model. Throwing it away or locking it in a closet only to be forgotten is sure a waste. If you have an Android phone, you can get more out of it by turning it into one of the many things below:

1. Turn your Android into Google Home. Get the latest Android OS so you have OK, Google. Connect your phone to a BlueTooth speaker and keep these two devices plugged in and on at all times. You can now give Google commands every time you need it!

2. Convert it into a Nintendo Game Boy. You will need a Hyperkin Smartboy Mobile Device that is compatible with your phone. Then, check out your stash for Game Boy cartridges, or buy new ones, to start playing.

3. Turn your phone into a webcam. Even the oldest phone camera can be so much better than your laptop’s built-in webcam. Just your phone and download the many free apps to improve the quality of your video chats. It is a big help, especially during the quarantine.

4. Make it double as a home security camera. If you want to check on your house while you are out, you can simply use your old phone with a security camera app. Place the phone anywhere you need it and be on top of any suspicious activity.

5. Use your old Android phone as a baby monitor. Similar to the home security camera, you can also use your old phone as a baby monitor. You can easily check on your baby through free video apps or baby monitor apps.

6. Turn it into a music player. You can free up loads of storage on your new phone by storing all your music on your old phone. Add as many songs as you like, hook it up to your surround-sound speaker, and have fun! The best part is there are no calls or messages that will disrupt you.

7. Use it as a mouse. Did your wireless mouse die on you? Download a mouse app and have a ready backup on your old phone every time. The app connects to your phone and desktop using Wi-Fi. Keep the phone on your laptop bag and get more work done!

Ian Schindler