How to Save on a Great Valentine’s Day Date

How to Save on a Great Valentine’s Day Date

Romantic gestures do not have to be expensive to count. In fact, a thoughtful gift or date on a budget can make a bigger impact, as long as it meets the love language of your partner. Check out the ideas below if you are tight on cash but want to celebrate big on Valentine’s Day.

1. Dinner for two

Skip the massive crowds and have an intimate dinner for two at home. Make it really special by honoring special moments in your relationship. Recreate the meal from the first time you went on a date or traveled abroad together. Not the best cook? Order delivery! Just set up your house to create the best ambiance and mood.

2. Budget travel

Go online and check out the best destinations for budget travel. Cheap tickets are always circulating, especially when you are flexible with your destination. Also, you can book homestays instead of fancy hotels to save on accommodation.

3. The perfect present

Why just buy a product when you can invest in more memories together? Call to mind what your partner is passionate about and find an experience near you. It can be wine tasting, gardening, or glass blowing. Your partner is sure to love it!

4. Saving on flowers

Do not order online or buy from the roadside. Go to a proper store that keeps the flowers refrigerated. Look for tight buds so they stay open longer when they finally bloom. Flowers that are already open only have a short lifespan.

5. Invest in jewelry

Find a quality seller to get your money’s worth. You want to give your partner certified stones. When it comes to diamonds, look for the four C’s: cut, carat, color, and clarity. For gold, make sure it has the manufacturer’s trademark close to the carat stamp.

6. DIY

For the sentimental, a DIY gift goes a very long way. It is inexpensive but also incredibly meaningful. Try organizing a gift basket filled with little treats that your partner loves or create a playlist with all your favorite songs. Sincerity and thoughtfulness will beat any product that you can get from the store!

Ian Schindler