How to Save on Lighting

How to Save on Lighting

Are you looking for ways to lower your electricity costs? Check out the tips below to keep your home bright while saving on light bills. It does not take a lot of adjustments. Just pick the smarter way of fixing your lights and you ready to go!

1. Opt for lower wattage. An overly lit room not only wastes energy, but it also makes your home look like a factory or hospital. It is better to use bulbs whose wattage matches the purpose of the room and atmosphere that you want for your house.

2. Stick to a single light. The rule is simple: the more lights you have, the more power you use. One incandescent light uses less energy than multiple lights with low-wattage bulbs.

3. Add multiple switches. For large spaces with an open plan, install multiple switches to cover different areas. This way you can restrict your use of lighting to the area that needs it.

4. Install dimmers. Check the bulbs you are buying for dimmers. Dimming reduces the amount of energy used and increases the life of low-voltage lighting.

5. Opt for lamps. An electrical lamp will give you ample light at a lower cost than an overhead light. It also adds mood and ambiance to any space.

6. Use motion detectors. Add built-in motion sensors or timers to security lighting outdoors so they only operate when needed.

7. Choose solar. The sun offers limitless energy. You are only limited by the battery of your storage.

8. Clean your lights. Half the light can be stolen by dust so wash or wipe your bulbs regularly. It will also save you from lots of allergies!

9. Welcome natural light. Consider the addition of skylights or natural downlights in your home. If you are renovating, position the rooms where you spend most time during the day to the north or northeast for the brightest light.

10. Turn the lights off. This is the key to saving on use and costs. Turn the lights off when, not in use and unplug appliances when you are done using them.

Ian Schindler