How to Save on Thanksgiving Travel

It is not crazy to think about Thanksgiving travel despite the pandemic. It is still possible and if a holiday this year is vaguely on your radar, now is the time to shop before the holiday ticket prices take off. Thanksgiving is usually the most expensive time to fly all year domestically so take note of these tips to save up while you can.

1. Cheap tickets are out of the question.
Face it: There are rarely any cheap tickets for Thanksgiving. In fact, the average prices are up to 110% higher than for flights only a week before. As such, you must shift your deal hunting perspective to finding less expensive tickets instead. The prices for non-stop flights are usually through the roof so think about foregoing the convenience and make significant savings.

2. Watch out for the travel hikes.
The travel hikes can be expected on the third week of September and fourth week of October. For this coming one, fares increase by $4 per day, every day on average. That is a lot of money so better to finalize your Thanksgiving plans fast.

3. The most expensive days to fly include…
Obviously, the most popular days to fly will be the most costly. Airlines know exactly when you want to leave after all. Looking at your calendar, the most expensive departure dates will likely be the Wednesday before the holiday, followed by the Tuesday before. Meanwhile, the most expensive return dates will be the Sunday post-Thanksgiving and the Monday after.

4. The cheapest flights are…
It is not the most convenient one, but if you fly out early on Thanksgiving Day, you will end up saving money on your flights.

5. More tips to help you save money
Choose flights with connecting flights as they are often cheaper than non-stops. Also, check out fares from several airports that are near your home. It may not be the nearest one but the slight inconvenience can translate to bigger savings. Remember to pack light, too! You can get in and out of the airport quickly and make sure you free of excess baggage fees!

Ian Schindler