How to Tell if These 5 Foods Have Expired

How to Tell if These 5 Foods Have Expired

In times when money is tight, making the most out of your grocery shopping is a priority. However, saving money should never go above food safety. Always check the freshness of your food, and make a point of buying only as much as you can eat to prevent waste. Below are some helpful hints to check for food expiration to keep your plates healthy and delicious.

1. Half-and-half

Did Ina Garten made you buy it? Just note that this comfort food classic can well spoil before its “best by date”. A good tell is if it pools in little flecks instead of dissolving in your coffee or any liquid you mix it with. Smell it first before pouring!

2. Homemade salad dressing

You can save lots of money by making your own salad dressings at home, possibly even more if you only make as much as you can eat. To tell if the dressing has expired on creamy, mayo-based dressings, look for signs of separation. Vinaigrettes and other oil-based dressings usually last longer but once you catch a rancid smell, it is time to say goodbye.

3. Broth or stock

This is a staple on every kitchen, especially if you love making soups and stews. Once you have opened it, always smell it before adding to your pot. It is expired once it acquires a distinct sour smell.

4. Potatoes

Hang on to your spuds even if sprouts have shown! They can easily be cut off and you can use the rest to make good food. To check for freshness, the potato must be firm, has a uniform color, and with an earthy smell. If your potato is soft, has some green spots, and smells funky, skip the home fries for dinner tonight.

5. Broccoli

A nutrient super power, broccoli is best eaten fresh with its firm stem and flowering head a vibrant green. As it deteriorates, you will notice black spots appear at the base and the crown starts to yellow. The earthy green smell will also turn bitter, which is a sign it has expired.

Ian Schindler