How to Treat Yourself While Budgeting

Budgeting does not mean being stingy or depriving yourself. In fact, it is important to treat yourself occasionally to boost your well-being. Otherwise, it can take a toll and ruin your financial plans. The best part? There are easy ways to treat yourself even on the tightest budget. Here is how.

What treating yourself means
When you treat yourself, you are giving yourself time or money to enjoy once in a while. Sometimes it involves spending, other times, not at all. You can turn off your phone, read a good book, or simply relax on the couch as a way to treat yourself. It is also about finding nice ways to break up your routine and do something refreshing.

When to indulge
Occasionally means many things to different people. Ideally, you can treat yourself once a week or once a month. There is really no exact answer because it will vary based on personal preferences and the price tag of your treats, as well as our income, budget, and financial goals.

How to budget for treats
Take a look at your income and expenses. Of course, you must prioritize where your money goes. Pay your rent and other bills first, then think about what you can do with the money that is left. You want to allocate toward indulgences while staying on point with your budget.

How to treat yourself on a budget

Below are some creative and low-cost ideas on how to treat yourself when the budget is tight:

  • Visit a park. The change of environment will refresh your mind. Entrance is often free, too!
  • Start a book club. This is a fun social actvity that you can share with your friends. Talk about books that you like and swap reads once a month.
  • Relax in a hot bath. Dim the lights, light a scented candle, and take a relaxing hot bath to unwind and get rid of the stresses of the day.
  • Buy a quality coffee machine. If you enjoy your morning coffee runs, just invest in a good coffee machine so you can have all the drinks you want at home for less. You can definitely indulge at home without compromising your finances.