Never DIY These 6 Home Improvement Projects

DIY home improvements are excellent ways to save money, but not all jobs are equal. Some tasks must be left to the pros, no matter how much you binge on HGTV and Youtube. Below are 10 home improvement projects that you should never DIY.

1. Malfunctioning sink pipes
Unless you are sure what the problem is and have previous experience, dismantling pipes can be risky. They are tricky to reassemble, especially when they are close to other plumbing components like the dishwasher or garbage disposal.

2. Low water pressure
Sometimes, low water pressure can be easily fixed by emoving the aerator and cleaning out the gunk. If nothing changes after this, it is best to call the pros. You may be dealing with greater problems within a plumbing system, like a fractured pipe, an eroded water line, or a water leak.

3. Removing walls
How hard is it to swing a sledgehammer? You can just remove a wall and open your space, right? It is best to consult a contractor first to check if the wall is not load bearing. If it is, and you damage it, you could deal with serious consequences like your ceiling caving in.

4. Roof fixes
When it comes to roof problems, you should not go for band-aid solutions. A leak is not just a leak. You must identify the trouble spot and replace the shingles or other components without causing any more damage, utilizing costly tools, and hopefully matching materials. Amateur workmanship will cause you bigger problems and tons in bills down the road.

5. Waterproofing
Call the pros – it is important for safety. Digging, applying the waterproofing material, and filling it back is not as simple as you think. Sometimes holes cave in and result in fatalities.

6. Installing new lighting
Adding new light fixtures can easily upgrade your home. However, there are risks if you DIY. Getting shocked is one, and wiring anything incorrectly or overloading your power draw is another. This can lead to additional hassles and costly repairs that you are better off avoiding.

Ian Schindler