Never Waste Your Money in These 5 Things

Never Waste Your Money in These 5 Things

The pandemic has made money hard for everyone. It does not matter how big or small you make, chances are, your finances suddenly changed with the outbreak of the coronavirus. The best thing you can do now is to be smart about your spending and use the cash on things that matter. Not like these items below that are not worth your dollar.

1. Bottled water

Fortunately, people had access to good and clean water during the pandemic. This did not stop others from hoarding bottled water though. Sound reasoning behind it remains a mystery.

First of all, the water inside these bottles can easily just be filtered and overpriced tap water. You can get the same effect at home by simply investing in a water filter, which will cost you much less.

2. Unlimited cellular phone minutes.

Keeping in touch with loved ones is important to stay sane during the lockdown, but do you really need unlimited minutes for that? Chances are you are using the internet to call or video chat with your friends and family.

Your cell phone plan with unlimited minutes does not really give you extra value. In fact, it is highly unlikely that you will exceed the number of minutes offered in the least expensive plans. Check your usage and switch to a more affordable plan if it makes sense.

3. Premium gas.

Contrary to what oil companies would want you to believe, premium gas will not do much in helping your car run better and longer. Regular gas is just fine. In fact, one study showed that using high-octane gasoline had no effect, except on ultra-high performance vehicles. Better yet, do not use your car and just stay indoors to avoid getting the coronavirus!

4. Automobile service warranties

The manufacturer warranty you receive upon purchasing your car is probably legit. The one you are offered in the mail is likely not. So stay away from it.

In an investigation done by the Better Business Bureau of St. Louis, around $3 million in covered repairs were not paid and 90% of people who purchased these automobile service insurance warranties found them misleading or improper.

5. Lottery tickets

Clearly, there are better things to occupy you during this pandemic than the lottery. The possibility of winning $10 million is sure nice but the chances of that happening are well over 100 million to one. It is much better to use whatever money you have to pay for your essentials and keep your head above water during these hard times.

Ian Schindler