Save More Money With These Smart Home Products

Save More Money With These Smart Home Products

In 2022, the market for smart home products will reach $80 billion. Homeowners prefer it as smart technology definitely makes their lives easier. This growing industry eliminates manual work and keeps homes cleaner, safer, and more efficient, too. Further, smart home products can save you money by lowering energy consumption and energy bills. Here are a few to consider to reduce your energy costs and environmental footprint.

1. Smart showerheads

Who does not love a steamy hot shower? By installing smart showerheads, you reduce the costly heat-up time and adjust water flow based on where you are in the shower. Some products can even cut your water use in half, which is an easy $60 savings every month.

2. Smart light bulbs

Turning lights off when not in use is one of the most basic energy-saving tips. This becomes easier, and more efficient, with the use of smart light bulbs. These are flexible LED bulbs that can dim, change color, and be controlled with a mobile device. They can be synchronized with music and entertainment, too.

3. Smart power strips

When your products are not in use, smart power strips can keep them from utilizing energy. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates these strips can save you $200 in energy costs annually.

4. Smart thermostats

Heating and cooling consume a lot of energy. With smart thermostat systems, you can save 10% to 23% in annual costs. Some smart thermostats do this by learning your household’s temperature patterns and building a custom, energy-saving schedule around it. Others use a sensor system to detect occupancy and set appropriate room-by-room temperatures.

5. Smart security products

If you want more security, you can install smart garage doors, which alert you whenever your doors are opened. It can be controlled through a mobile device, too. Connected video cameras, mobile controlled locks, and home alarm systems are also helpful in monitoring and securing your property. Other smart home products to consider are smart smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, video doorbells, and water leak sensors. All of these can save you money and add more safety to your house.

Ian Schindler