Stop Buying These 5 Things That You Almost Never Use

How many times have you purchased an item and it just ended up unused on your counter or worst unopened in the garage? Simply put, many products seem alluring at the store but have very little function at home. Evaluate your purchases today and take a look at these things commonly bought but are rarely used.

  1. Extended warranties

Extended warranty is often offered after you made a big purchase. Your item is worth a lot of money, after all. However, the extended warranty is only worth it if what you bought is extremely fragile and complex. Otherwise, you do not need it.

  1. Expensive home exercise equipment

Ask your friends and family how often they use their treadmill or elliptical machine and they are likely to tell you that they use it every day… as a clothes rack. An expensive machine will not encourage you to exercise. But if you really must get one, buy used. There are many out there that have only been used to hang clothes.

  1. Cookbooks

Printed cookbooks are beautiful with their glossy pages and colorful food. However, you are probably going to open these pages once or twice. It is easier to go online to search for recipes than dig out a book.

  1. Gym memberships

Gym memberships are not cheap. Before paying that annual fee again, think about how many times you have gone to workout and if it is worth the price you are paying. If you are looking to cut expenses, ditch the gym membership. You can always run outdoors to exercise and it is free.

  1. Single-use appliances

Small appliances and kitchenware look very cute at the department store and informercials. Think cake-pop maker, electric crepe pan, or hot dog toaster. Who would not love these, right? Sure, they look cute but are they useful? Not really. Unless you are using these items daily, they will only be a waste of money and take up space in your kitchen. Save your money and do not buy these items just to gather dust.