Stop Buying These 9 Overpriced Products

Retailers make money from selling stuff with a markup. As a consumer, there is no way around spending extra for things. However, you want to stay clear of ridiculously overpriced items. Watch out for the below and follow the tips to save up on them.

  1. Bottled water

Even if you pay $1 for bottled water, it is still too much. Drink tap water and keep your money. If you are worried about the taste or quality, invest in a quality filter instead of buying bottled water.

  1. Salad bar

Did you know that some salad bar items are sold at a 350% markup? Think baby corn, chickpeas, and radishes. To get the most for your money, load up on the items that cost less than you would pay at the grocery store, such as bacon and grilled chicken.

  1. Soda

Order a glass of Coke anywhere and you are sure to overpay for basically sugary water. If you are eating out, skip the extras and just drink water.

  1. Eyeglass frames

Guess what? Your branded, expensive eyeglass frames came out of the same factory as those sold in the dollar stores. Check out warehouse stores and online sources to find the best deals on eyeglasses.

  1. Prescription drugs

Truth be told, prescription drugs have markups up to 3,000%. It is not even a joke. Always ask your doctor and pharmacy for generic drugs.

  1. Diamonds

Diamonds cost 200% more than the wholesale cost. Do not be blinded by the sparkle. Know what you are buying and do your research beforehand.

  1. Coffee

It is a little luxury but buying gourmet coffee every day will surely pain your pocket. If you are looking to save, invest in a decent coffeemaker and brew your own at home.

  1. Flowers

An orchid can cost up to $25 per stem. Once the holiday rolls in, the prices skyrocket like crazy. Buy in season and shop around to get the best prices.

  1. Wine

Restaurants charge up to three times retail for a bottle of wine. Be smart and scan the menu for a resonably priced bottle. House wines are often friendly on the budget.

Ian Schindler