Watch Out For These 7 Supermarket Tricks to Save Your Money

Watch Out For These 7 Supermarket Tricks to Save Your Money

Supermarkets have mastered their game a very long time ago. They know how to get you to buy more and easily persuade you to part with your cash. Obviously, you want the opposite. You want to save more money on groceries, stay healthy, and beat the supermarket tactics. Here are 10 to watch out for today.

1. The shopping carts are bigger on purpose.

Is it just you or are the sizes of shopping carts growing bigger? Supermarkets do this on purpose. One company doubled the size of their carts as a test and found that customers bought 19% more!

2. Buying more means consuming more.

Standard sizes are also increasing. For example, if you are used to buying a six-pack of soda every week but are now getting a 12-pack because this is the new standard size, you are likely to drink all of those cans in one week, too. Be careful not to change your habits just because the sizes changed.

3. Most people have no idea how much items cost.

According to one study, 95% of shoppers have no idea what items cost in the supermarket and whether or not they are getting a good deal. In fact, people only remember the price of four things: milk, bread, eggs, and bananas.

4. The produce section is an ad.

Why else would it be at the front of the supermarket? The bright colors put you in a good mood and it inspires you to buy more.

5. The checkout lane is narrow on purpose.

According to statistics, 60% of customers off-load items at checkout. In response, the supermarkets started making checkout lanes narrower, with less shelf space to make it harder to ditch products at the last second.

6. The music is designed to make you linger.

The more time you spend inside the supermarket, the more stuff you are likely to buy. One trick to make you linger is to play music with a rhythm that is much slower than the average heartbeat. The result? You purchase 29% more.

7. Walmart has the best prices.

Supermarkets cannot compete with Walmart when it comes to price. Does this mean it is always best to go to Walmart? Not necessarily. Supermarkets bring in skilled people to give customers value. This means skilled butchers, expert produce managers, and even dietitians who can offer healthy eating advice. It is up to you to choose what you value and pick how you want to save your money.

Ian Schindler