Ways To Earn Extra Money To Make Ends Meet

9 Legal Ways To Earn Extra Money And Make Ends Meet


At this point, most of you have probably realized that a single job will not support your daily needs and long-term financial goals. Unless you are earning really big from your primary employment, you might need to engage on side hustles to make ends meet. 


Fortunately, there are still numerous ways you can earn money legally–both offline and online. Surely enough, not all of these methods can earn big. But they are enough to sustain some of your financial obligations. If you want to explore these income-generating pursuits, you should read on. 

How To Make Extra Money  

1. Sell Your Used Clothes

One of the easiest ways to earn extra cash is by selling the clothes that you no longer use. If you want to make quick sales, go to sites like Poshmark and ThredUp so that you can get sure buyers. Consignment shops in your area could also be a good place to start. For those who prefer online platforms, such as your Facebook and Instagram, make sure that you post clear photos of the clothes you are selling. 

2. Trade Old Gadgets And Electronics

Do you have unused electronics in your house such as a phone or iPad? Then you can always sell them on sites like Gazelle and Swappa. Your gains can be fairly decent, especially if you are handing a device that is still in good quality. You can also take advantage of the trade-in system of Amazon. You’ll get Amazon gift cards there. If you badly need the money, you should find an ecoATM kiosk. The latter gives you cash every device you exchange.

3. Drive For Ride-Shares

If you have a vehicle and free time on your hands, then you should try joining Lyft and Uber. They can give you a hefty sum of money by driving people around. Of course, just don’t ignore fuel and maintenance expenditures. After all, these companies will check if you have an eligible vehicle that meets their standards. You also need to undergo background checks, especially on your driving records.

4. Make Deliveries

Because of the pandemic, the delivery industry skyrocketed. Hence, you should take advantage of this situation, too. Postmates, Amazon Flex, Postmates, and Uber Eats, are among those companies where you can sign-up. You’ll get paid every delivery you make. Aside from that, it is possible that you’ll get tips from your clients. Interestingly, cars and trucks are not always required here. For instance, DoorDash and Postmates allow you to use your scooter and bike. However, you still need to deal with rigorous background checks.

5. Try Babysitting

Babysitting is an informal economy. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t earn from it fairly. Many people were able to make their ends from this gig. Mostly, students are the ones that can benefit from this. However, even those who have college or postgraduate degrees can still make it as their sideline. Overall, the task is very simple. You just have to watch and take care of other people’s kids. You can have this job through referrals. You are also free to check Sittercity and Care.com to expand your reach. 


6. Sell Gift Cards

Those who have idle gift cards can opt to sell them for quick cash. Sites like Gift Card Granny, Cardpool, and CardCash are among those platforms that will allow you to exchange your unused gift cards for money or other rewards. Specifically, these sites will give you 92% of the original value of the card. Gift Card Granny and Cardpoool have physical locations where you can have direct transactions. 

7. Engage On Online Freelance Work

Nobody can underestimate the benefits of online freelancing. Its magnitude is further amplified during the pandemic–where companies are forced to outsource some of their tasks to remote talents. Surely, you should be able to ride this wealth wave. After all, there’s a myriad of freelance jobs that you can take out there, such as writing, data entry, graphic design, programming, and becoming a virtual assistant. Sites like Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork are among those sites where you can start your online gig. If you are a multilingual person, you can try sites like One Hour Translation and Gengo.

8. App And Website Testing

You can also earn money by testing mobile apps and websites. You can do this through sites like UserTesting. Specifically, the site will ask about your thoughts about the functionality and user-interface of particular apps and websites. You’ll also be asked about your recommendations so that these platforms can improve their overall layout. Your answers could either be written or video-recorded. You’ll get $10 for each of the completed tests. 

9. Include Spare Rooms In Airbnb

If your home or property has spare bedrooms that are suitable for short stays and vacations, they can become a source of steady income. Airbnb is a platform that enables you to list your home or rooms for rent. But at the same time, you will need to spend time and money to make your place clean and free from damages. Make sure that you read the terms and conditions before you sign the agreement.