What is the Shelf-life of Halloween Candy?

Are you ready for Halloween? It does not matter if you are young or old – Halloween is always fun! There is so much to look forward to from scary costumes and spooky decorations to tons and tons of candy. Actually, many people like it just for the candy! It is an awesome time to hoard sweets. But it is worth knowing how long the candy is good for. This way you know how to ration the pillowcase-worth of candy you accumulated for the next months!

Candy and its expiration date
Does candy expire? It is just sugar, right? Yes and no. Most candies have low moisture content paired with high levels of sugar, which is a preservative. But in reality, candy does expire but most types keep well. You can expect the quality to decline as time goes by but it does take a while before candy truly expires or becomes unsafe.

How long does Halloween candy last?

Once you open candy, you must consume it within a few months. Chocolate that is kept in the freezer can last up to eight months past its expiration date! It really depends on the type of candy that you have. Below is a helpful guide that you can use:

  • Up to six months – caramels, candy corn, gum, and peanut butter cup. The super soft, pliable, and chewy candies, especially the sticky ones are the first to go.
  • Up to 10 months – soft chocolates like white and milk chocolate.
  • Up to a year – hard candies, jelly beans, and other jelly candies.
  • Up to a year – hard candies, jelly beans, and other jelly candies.

Discoloration on candy
Sometimes you see white-looking dust on your candy or chocolate bar. Is it still safe to eat? Yes! This is not mold but a bloom that is caused by moisture evaporating from the chocolate.

Store candy correctly
The best way to extend the shelf-life of candy is to store it on its original, sealed wrapper. Once you open it, transfer the candy to a sealed jar or container to keep air out. Store your candy in a cool, dark place and you can enjoy for months after Halloween!