What to Buy New and What to Buy Used

What to Buy New and What to Buy Used

Buying used stuff can save you a lot of money. Most times, you get all the utility out of the item at a small fraction of the cost. But there are some items you should never buy used. The last thing you want is to be pennywise and pound-foolish. Below is a guide to help in your decision-making to get the most out of your money.

Things to buy new

Humidifiers. New ones are cheap. More important, you want to avoid an old humidifier with multiple colonies of mold and bacteria.

Tires. It will be hard for the average person to assess the condition of a used tire. These are crucial to the safety of your car. Buying used tires is simply not worth the risk to your family.

Sports safety gear. Most safety equipment is designed to withstand one impact. Since you cannot know the true history of the item you are buying, it is best to buy new.

Computer software. It is not hard to find pirated versions of used software packages, but this is nothing short of stealing from the developers. Your computer will also be vulnerable to glitches in the ripped-off program.

Wedding jewelry. Family heirlooms are great but are very careful about buying used diamond rings anywhere but a reputable jewelry store. Also, consider how your fiancee will feel if she finds out she is wearing a former wedding band from a random divorcee!

Underwear. New. Always.

Things to buy used

Cars. Everyone should know this. The moment you drive a car out of a dealership, it loses its value and it will continue to drop every day. Just save your money and maximize savings by buying a car that is at least two years old.

Baby clothes. Kids grow too fast. Also, you will be doing your family and friends a favor by taking some of their old babies’ clothes and decluttering their storages.

Books. It may lack that new book smell but you will save a lot of money on a book you will only read once. Here is an even better idea: start using the library again.

Video games. Wait a couple of months and you are sure to find the latest copy cheaper by at least $20 and it will be in good condition.

Hand tools. Garage sales are the best places to score hand tools. It is easy to evaluate their condition and you can save big bucks.

Exercise equipment. Most people give up on their home equipment after using them a couple of times. Do not pay full price for the same fitness gear!

Furniture. New ones can be crazy expensive. You can get quality used pieces at bargain prices easily.

Ian Schindler