What to Do When You Lack the Cash to Pay Your Bills

What to Do When You Lack the Cash to Pay Your Bills

Failing to cover your basic monthly expenses is a huge financial red flag. It may mean you overextended yourself with too much debt, losing your job, or having an irregular income. But if it happens every month, you must act immediately to turn your situation around. Let the five tips below help you out.

1. Lower your expenses

There is always something that you can cut back on. For example, you can find a roommate to split the rent, eat more at home to lower your food budget, or grab a cheaper mobile phone plan. More important, you should stop spending cash on wants. Cut them out and focus on necessities first until you can afford them.

2. Look for extra income

The second source of income or a new job may be necessary for you to pay all your bills every month. Consider taking a part-time job or selling some stuff. Of course, this is only a temporary solution to your problem. If you cannot cover your monthly bills with your salary from your current job, it is definitely time to ask for a raise or look for a better-paying job.

3. Think of a long-term solution

Do you need to go back to school to secure a higher-paying job? Do you have to obtain additional certifications for your current position? Is it time for a complete career change? The answer to these questions may increase your earning power significantly. However, if you find that you are making enough money but are still struggling, you may simply need to learn how to budget effectively.

4. Negotiate with your creditors

Work with your creditors to find a way to reduce your payments. For example, student loans offer forbearance if you can prove economic hardship. Your credit card company can also reduce your interest rates temporarily. This can go a long way.

5. Learn to prioritize

Before paying your creditors, cover your basic needs first. Pay for your house, food, utilities, and health. It is not worth bypassing them to put your creditors first. The point here is to stick with your budget and learn how to manage your cash flow. This can be life-changing for you and avoid shortages at the end of the month.

Ian Schindler