10 Appliance Repairs to DIY

Some appliance repairs require the professionals. Then there are simple tasks that you can DIY to fix the problem faster and save a lot of money. Below are some examples to keep expensive repair bills at bay.

1. Dryer lint build-up
Did you know that dryer lint build-up causes over 15,000 fires every year? It is a serious fire hazard. Make sure there are no accidents in your home by checking the exhaust vent and the inside of your dryer cabinet for clogs regularly.

2. Diagnosing fault codes
When the display panel on your appliance flashes strange numbers, do not dial the pros. Find your owner’s manual and look for the fault code that will help you diagnose the problem.

3. Smelly dishwasher
Open your dishwasher and clean it thoroughly. Remove all food scraps from the tub and run a dishwasher cleaner through a cycle.

4. Smelly washing machine
Similarly, you can stop bad smells from your washing machine by running a cycle with a special mold-killing tablet and by leaving the door open to promote drying.

5. Not draining washing machine
There is probably something stuck in your drain hose or pump. Check for any clogs and remove it. If there are no clogs, see if your pump is broken and replace it.

6. Scratched stainless steel appliances
Ugly scratches can be removed from stainless steel appliances using sandpaper and rubbing compound. Your appliance will easily be shiny again.

7. Adjust oven temperatures
Are you having problems with your cakes? If your oven cooking time is off, you must recalibrate the oven temperature to match an accurate oven thermometer. Read the procedure in your oven’s instruction manual.

8. Chipped porcelain
Small damages on expensive porcelain fixtures can be fixed with a few careful dabs of touch-up glaze and a little sanding and buffing.

9. Cloudy glass oven door
Get a screwdriver and disassemble the door. Clean the glass panels and put it back together. Your oven will be clean and there is no large bill waiting for you on the other end. Who would not enjoy that?

Ian Schindler